What new products have recently come on the market? What are their prices? I believe many people will be interested in these new products. I have collected some of the new products that have been recently launched in the market below. Although their prices vary, their common features are new, novel, unique, and definitely ahead of other products in terms of technology, and they deserve your attention::

One of the five latest listed boutique electronic products: Apple iPhone 7 Reference Price: $5388

As for the features of the iPhone 7, the Home button is the core functional area of the iPhone, which has been redesigned for the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 Home button has pressure-sensitive and 3D touch functions. Now iPhone 7 Home button can also use 3D Touch function; IPhone 7 is equipped with dual cameras, so you can easily become a photography master! As for the camera, iPhone 7 has a 7-megapixel camera on the front and a 12-megapixel camera on the back with a three-axis optical stabilization system and a six-layer lens. The flash performance is improved with 50% brightness increase. In terms of ISP image processing, iPhone 7 can algorithmically learn more about the subject and process the image in depth.

iPhone 7 comes with dual speakers and wireless headphones. iPhone 7 has the following audio changes: First, the speakers, the top and bottom speakers, have a stereo effect and are twice as loud as the original. Secondly, iPhone 7 has also changed in terms of headphones. In iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus, the headphones will be controlled by lights and there will be new headphones. In both phones, there will be a lighted headset and a lighted adapter.

In terms of battery life, the iPhone 7 is 2 hours longer than the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 Plus is 1 hour longer than the iPhone 6s Plus.

The second of the latest five fine electronic products on the market: Apple Watch Series 2 Reference Price: $2888

Apple Watch Series 2 has an elevated waterproof rating for use underwater up to 50 meters, making Apple Watch Series 2 available for swimming, surfing, and other water-related sports activities. Apple Watch Series 2 fulfills the desire of sports fans to swim with their watches. Swimming is also included in the physical exercise program. Run “Fitness”, set the pool meter, and start swimming. The watch screen is locked during the process, so there’s no chance of splashing and misuse. After the swim, Fitness on iPhone displays data such as swim distance, average heart rate, average speed, total calories burned, and swim time.

Thanks to the GPS function of Apple Watch Series 2, Physical Training “Outdoor Run” can record the running route, and Physical Training “Outdoor Run” on iPhone can view the specific running route. GPS function can also be used for games. For example, the game Night Sky 4 (Stargazer 4) is now available on the Apple Watch as a standalone game. 103010 is a stargazing game. Point your device to the sky, mobile devices, and planets, moons, stars, etc. Different directions will appear. You can also check the introduction of these planets. This software requires GPS, so thanks to the GPS function, the Apple Watch Series 2 can run this game alone. In the future, you can just lift your wrist and look at the stars.

Nike’s custom Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus band is made of the same material as the sports version, but with a honeycomb design that feels more breathable and is more conducive to the quick drying of sports sweat. Apple customized the dial for the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus to match the color of the band and embedded the Nike App features in the dial.

The latest listing of the five fine electronic products of the third: Anonsuo Alonso Seashell Plus Reference Price: 1899 yuan

Anonsuo Alonso Seashell Plus is a very popular product in 2016. This product is the first in terms of appearance, the narrow top and wide bottom shape, aluminum-magnesium alloy base, red cloth panel all give a strong visual impact. Although this product is positioned as Bluetooth audio, it also supports AUX connection and u-disk playback. It is worth mentioning that the weight of this product is only about 4.5KG, can easily move around in the house to meet the needs of music appreciation in different spaces.

In terms of sound quality, this product uses a 50W subwoofer and two 8W tweeters. The cabinet is designed with sound guide holes to ensure the bass effect. Anonsuo Alonso Seashell Plus supports three connection modes: Bluetooth, audio cable and u-disk reading, one-touch phone answering, and NFC fast connection.

Anonsuo Alonso Seashell Plus is a masterpiece in the series of connoisseur-level Bluetooth speakers. The product breaks the boundary between HIFI audio and home speakers, combining good sound quality and mobility to meet the needs of a new generation of music lovers. Worth recommending.

The latest five fine electronic products listed in the fourth: Storm VR TV 50X-Men version reference price: 2999 yuan

Storm TV 50X-Men version with rose gold fashion appearance metal body, equipped with 1.8GHz main frequency 4-core CPU and 8-core GPU, support VR computing and panoramic motion acceleration, equipped with 2GB DDR3 running memory and 16GB eMMc 5.0 flash memory, support H2.265 4K hard decoding; screen, are used 4K resolution screen, built-in storm left eye AcmGen4 superscaler algorithm engine, three-dimensional motion compensation, three-layer incremental diffusion film, 3H anti-glare technology. In terms of sound, it is claimed that the “full case audio system” innovation, built-in sealed inverted phase large sound cavity, imported PEI diaphragm, support the storm echo wall technology, audio fiber optic interface; system square
Surface, equipped with Storm Wind UI 2.0 based on the Storm VR-TVOS, support the wind to send APP (cell phone) or VR remote control.

Storm VR TV 50X Warrior Edition supports TV playback 720 ° panoramic video, control angle with cell phones, or play panoramic video with cell phones synchronized to TV playback, 50X Warrior Edition will interact with TV and cell phones, the phone as a control device, making good use of the characteristics of cell phones, that is, there are sensors such as gyroscopes, just coincide with the control needs of VR.

Storm VR TV in addition to the 50X Warrior Edition, there are 55X Warrior Edition and 43X Warrior Edition, both using the screen + host split design, convenient hardware changes, can be updated and upgraded at any time, you can choose the right size to buy.

The latest listing of five fine electronic products of the fifth: Canon EOS 5D IV reference price: 26599 yuan (single body)

As the absolute backbone of Canon’s full-frame SLR, the EOS 5D IV still has a very significant improvement in body performance compared to its predecessor, the EOS 5D III. The focus system, effective pixels and video quality have all been greatly improved. The first addition of the dual-pixel RAW function is also the highlight of the new camera. Dual-pixel RAW is more helpful in suppressing ghosting and optimizing lens imaging, so the image quality performance of the new camera is still quite worth looking forward to.

Summary: The above are the latest star products listed, especially the iPhone 7, Anonsuo Alonso Seashell Plus and Storm VR TV 50X Warrior Edition, which are all red hot models in the market and are also the center of public conversation. Although Canon EOS 5D IV is a digital SLR camera focusing on professional people, this product is very crucial to Canon’s profitability in China market, and it can be called the annual focus.