The drilling rig is mainly used for drilling of groundwater resources, including domestic water, agricultural water and industrial water, etc. It is also suitable for hydrogeological exploration, construction works, bridge foundation drilling, etc.

Drilling into holes in loose strata, using the construction process of clear water pressure by step reaming method of percussion drilling rig.
Advantage: Trinity comfortable and healthy high-pressure oil and gas well strata with reserves of oil and natural gas in the subsurface layer, which are prone to blowout and cause serious consequences.

Use of steps: the use of correct construction methods, treatment measures. Deep water wells: mainly used to obtain deep groundwater, i.e., water below the ground meter. : There are many drilling methods. Due to the complexity of the stratigraphy, even in one borehole, very different strata are often encountered. Therefore, there are various drilling processes, such as reverse circulation drilling method, air drilling method, submersible hammer drilling method and percussion drilling method.

The brakes and lift handles must be checked in advance to make sure they are flexible and work well. HVAC and other coordination: Ground source heat pump is a combination of HVAC and well drilling, one without the other, which requires the project organizers and engineers to coordinate reasonably and do a good economic analysis.

The price of ground source heat pump well drilling. One is to stop repairing that long country road. Thanks to a series of new technologies such as the flexible drilling tools that Wang Shiyong described, the drilling facilities will be very light, and as long as the drilling site is chosen, it will be enough to use an airplane or drilling helicopter to airlift those light equipment to the destination. Secondly, the drilling cycle will be greatly shortened by eliminating the time-consuming and labor-intensive start-up and take-down operations and the involvement of machine drillers.

Laser drilling has at least the following advantages:

1.That it cuts the rock by an energy beam with high efficiency;
2, It will have a long life because it does not directly rock and not easily worn;
3, It can determine the direction of the borehole at will by controlling the laser beam, so the target will be very high;
4, The good wall is smooth, and the high temperature of the energy beam will make part of the rock melt and quickly condense around the good wall, which collapses.

Now the drilling of wells inside the geothermal well among our use is still a lot, in the industrial use is very convenient, there is heating above, we can make it directly or indirectly to heat, bring the effect is very good, and there is now we say above the bath, that is.

Supply well outlet installation check valve, valve. Bath therapy, water supply wells and recharge wells one-to-one. There is also the possibility of the birth of ultrasonic drill, through ultrasonic waves to shatter the rocks at the bottom of the well. In fact, in addition to the above aspects can be used, it can also be used on top of power generation. How to choose a spa spa design and construction unit are all issues that parties need to consider.