A pure steam generator is a kind of equipment that uses purified water as raw water and heats it with industrial steam to make clean and pure steam. This series of equipment can be used for the sterilization and disinfection of pharmaceutical equipment and various process lines (pipelines, storage tanks, etc.).

Generators in the process of use will inevitably have problems, in general, there are four main factors affecting the quality of steam generator steam, such as:

1, the generator water level

If the water level is too high, the steam space of the steam ladle will shrink and the amount of steam passing through the corresponding unit volume will increase. Steam flow increases, the free space for water droplets to separate shrinks, and water droplets work in concert with steam. The quality of steam deteriorates.

2、Boiler water concentration

There are many bubbles in the boiling water of the pure steam generator, and as the concentration of the tank water increases, the thickness of the bubbles increases. The effective space of the drum is reduced. When the bubbles break, the splashing water droplets are easily carried away by the upward flow of steam, thus reducing the quality of steam. In severe cases, ash and water will be produced and a large amount of water will be generated.

3、Generator load

If the steam boiler load increases, the rise of steam in the ladle will accelerate and there will be enough energy to carry the highly dispersed water droplets out of the water, which will deteriorate the quality of steam and even have serious consequences. The co-evolution of steam and water.

4、Generator pressure

When the pressure of a pure steam generator suddenly drops, the amount of steam of the same mass increases, and the amount of steam per unit volume increases. In this way, it is also easy to remove small droplets of water, affecting the quality of steam.

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