Abrasives are known as the “teeth of industry” and are used in all industrial categories, as well as in a wide range of civilian markets. Today I will summarize for you the listed companies in the abrasives and abrasives industry (focusing on listings on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange), so that everyone can have a better understanding of the industry.
Shenzhen Stock Exchange▪Shanghai Stock Exchange listed companies

1. Axis Research Technology

In October 2017, Axis Research Technology and Sinomach Seiko carried out a major asset reorganization, becoming an expansion platform for China National Machinery Industry Corporation’s Seiko business, a gathering platform for Seiko talents, and a platform for the Seiko brand. Sinomach Precision Co., Ltd. was reorganized and established in September 2013 by China Machinery Industry International Cooperation Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Abrasives and Grinding Tools Grinding Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Baige Abrasives and Grinding Tools Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Xinya Composite Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. The company is a subsidiary of Zhengzhou Abrasives and Grinding Research Institute and is the largest diamond composite sheet manufacturing enterprise in China. The company currently has more than a dozen subsidiaries. Its main business includes R&D and manufacturing, industry services and technical consulting, and trade services covering the bearing industry, tool and grinding tool industry and related fields. It specializes in high-precision, high-reliability bearings and high-speed, efficient and ultra-high-speed It has strong capabilities in the research and development, manufacturing, testing and testing of hard material products and related parts, and is a leading domestic company. Its leading products are precision and special bearings, superhard materials and products, industry equipment and testing and testing instruments. Among them, special bearings in the aerospace field have a monopoly position in the country, and high-end composite superhard material products are one of the three largest suppliers in the world. Products are widely used in aerospace, ship weapons, automobiles and rail transit, electronics, new energy, machine tools, petrochemicals, medical equipment, refrigeration and other fields, with markets in more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

2. Antai Steel Research

Beijing Antai Steel Research Superhard Material Products Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Antai Tools”) was founded in 1993 by the Iron and Steel Research Institute. It is now affiliated to Antai Technology and is located in Changping, Beijing. It is engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of diamond tools. The company’s main products include laser welding saw blades, high-frequency welding saw blades, cold-pressed sintered saw blades, hot-pressed sintered saw blades, diamond rhinestones, diamond grinding wheels, diamond wire saws, and diamond synthetic catalysts.

The company has 10 national invention patents, presided over and participated in the compilation of 7 national and industry standards, has total assets of 358 million yuan, and annual sales of more than 400 million yuan. The company obtained ISO9000 quality certification as early as 1997. More than 85% of the company’s products are exported to European and American markets. In 2006, the company was the first to pass the EU OSA safety organization certification, becoming the only OSA member company in China so far. In April 2009, Antai Tools was selected as one of the “Top Ten Most Influential Brands in China’s Hardware and Electrical Machinery in 2008”.

3. Boshen Shares

Founded in 1994, with total assets of 2.5 billion, headquartered in Shijiazhuang, it has 5 production bases, 8 wholly-owned subsidiaries, located in the United States, Canada, Thailand, South Korea and Changzhou and Shanghai in China; 2 business units, namely Diamond Tools Division and Rail Transit Equipment Division.

Boshen currently has three major business segments: hardware tools (diamond tools, power tools and alloy tools), coated abrasives (acquisition of Jinniu Grinding for 1.2 billion yuan in 2017) and rail transit equipment. Hardware tools are mainly used in construction, decoration, building materials processing and other fields. As the “teeth” and “beautician” of industry, coated abrasives play an important role in downstream manufacturing industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, rail transit, power generation equipment, strategic emerging industries, petrochemicals, textiles, and energy materials. irreplaceable role. Rail transit equipment mainly refers to various equipment related to the operation of rail transit vehicles. It is a new business segment of the company. At present, high-speed train brake pad products have been officially put into production.

Boshen is a key high-tech enterprise in the National Torch Plan and has a Hebei Province Diamond Tool Engineering Research Center. Boshen leads and participates in the formulation of national standards for many industries. The company and its subsidiaries have 137 valid national patents, including 26 invention patents; a total of more than 20 product projects have been listed as “National Key New Product Plan”, “National Torch Plan”, “National Science and Technology Trade Development Plan”, etc. Some products are internationally advanced and domestically leading.

In 2019, the company achieved operating income of 1.172 billion yuan, total profit of 91.804 million yuan, and net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company of 73.0573 million yuan. The subsidiary Changzhou Jinniu Grinding Co., Ltd. achieved operating income of 715 million yuan and a net profit attributable to the owners of the parent company of 115 million yuan.

4. Sifangda

The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of composite superhard materials and superhard material products. It is the largest polycrystalline diamond (PCD) R&D and production enterprise in China. Its main products include polycrystalline diamond composite sheets, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride Composite sheets and polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die blanks can be widely used in petroleum, mining, wire drawing blanks, cutting tools and other fields. The company is the largest professional manufacturer of polycrystalline composite superhard materials in China with the most comprehensive product categories and specifications. It is the largest polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die blank manufacturer in China and the third largest in the world. At the same time, the company is the only manufacturer in China that can produce large-size composite sheets for PCD cutting tools and can produce them in batches. The company’s products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia, with exports accounting for about 50%.

In 2019, Sifangda’s operating income was 501 million yuan, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 121 million yuan.

5. Golden Sun

The first coated abrasive tools to be listed on the market. Golden Sun Company has been focusing on paper-based and new-type base material abrasive products (belonging to the coated abrasives industry, a sub-industry of the abrasives industry). The products are widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, steel, 3C electronics, furniture, musical instruments, and textiles. , leather and other industries, providing high-end products and personalized system solutions for customers’ precision grinding and polishing.

In 2019, the company’s revenue was 430 million yuan and profit was 89.0842 million yuan.

6. Xinjingang

The company was listed on the GEM on March 24, 2017. Its main products include metal-based superhard material products, metal-based wear-resistant material products and electromagnetic functional materials, etc. for ceramics, mining, construction, building materials, metallurgy, electric power, refractory and other products. Industries such as materials and military industry provide technologically leading products and services. The company has established the “Guangdong Superhard and Electromagnetic Functional Materials Engineering Technology Research and Development Center” and has production bases in Foshan, Guangdong, Yanjiao, Hebei, and Gao’an, Jiangxi. It has more than 20 invention patents, including national defense patents and international patents. The total number of patents in his name exceeds 50. He has taken the lead or participated in the drafting of many industry standards, and his market share ranks among the top in the industry.

Xinjinggang’s total assets are 1.098 billion yuan, operating income in 2019 was 194.2005 million yuan, and operating profit was -27.1508 million yuan.

7. Wald

Wald is one of the first companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and is a leading domestic and world-class superhard tool supplier. Since its establishment in 2006, it has been mainly engaged in the research and development of ultra-high precision and high-precision superhard tools and superhard material products. Production and sales operations. Wald’s main products can be divided into diamond cutter wheel products and cutting tool products according to different application fields. They are widely used in ultra-high precision cutting of consumer electronics glass such as touch screens and LCD panels, automobile engines, etc. Advanced manufacturing fields such as high-precision cutting of core components such as gearboxes.

In 2019, the company achieved operating income of 255.014 million yuan and operating profit of 65.0926 million yuan.

8. Sanchao new materials

The main business is the research and development, production and sales of diamond tools. The main products are electroplated diamond wires and diamond grinding wheels.

9. Dailer new materials

The company was founded in 2009 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in September 2017. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of diamond wires. It is also the first domestic enterprise to master the core technology of diamond wires and put it into large-scale production. and a leading domestic diamond wire manufacturer. The company is committed to becoming the world’s first-class comprehensive service provider of hard and brittle material processing consumables, providing professional tools and complete solutions for cutting hard and brittle materials such as crystalline silicon, sapphire, integrated circuit chips, window systems, optical lenses, precision ceramics and magnetic materials.

10. Zhongnan Red Arrow

Zhongnan Diamond, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has total assets of 4.8 billion yuan. It is a leading enterprise in the superhard materials industry and specializes in superhard material products. Its main products include industrial diamond, cubic boron nitride, composite sheets, cultured diamonds, large-scale polycrystalline diamond, High purity graphite, etc. The production, sales volume and market share of the company’s leading product, industrial diamond, have ranked first in the world for many consecutive years. The production and sales of cubic boron nitride products of its subsidiary Zhengzhou Zhongnan Jet Company have ranked first in the country for many years.

Zhongnan Diamond has a nationally recognized enterprise technology center and a nationally recognized superhard material testing center. It is a leading enterprise in China’s superhard material industry and one of the main setters of industry standards. In 2017, it was selected into the first batch of single champion demonstration enterprises in the manufacturing industry by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

11. Yu Diamond

The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating professional research, production and sales of superhard materials and their products industry chain. It is a pillar enterprise in the superhard materials industry and a backbone enterprise in the Henan superhard materials industry base. After years of development and accumulation, the company has formed a product series covering graphite ore, artificial diamond and raw and auxiliary materials, large single crystal diamond and jewelry, micron diamond wire, superabrasive tools (grinding wheels), etc. The products are used as engineering materials and functional materials. It is widely used in various fields of national economy and people’s livelihood, such as national defense industry, aerospace, equipment manufacturing, electronic technology and clean energy.

12. Yellow River Cyclone

The company is one of the world’s artificial diamond manufacturing bases and a leading enterprise in superhard materials and intelligent manufacturing. The company’s main products include new carbon materials (superhard materials and products, superhard composite materials and products, diamonds for jewelry, diamond wire saws, diamond powder, graphene), intelligent manufacturing, alloy powder, etc. The company has now developed into a large national enterprise integrating scientific research, production and trade. Its affiliated member companies are located in Changge, Zhengzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.

The company has a national enterprise technology center, an enterprise postdoctoral research station and a Henan Engineering Technology Research Center for Superhard Composite Materials and Products. It has a number of core key technologies and independent intellectual property rights, and the comprehensive indicators of some of its products have reached the international advanced level. It is a national high-tech enterprise.

13. Yicheng New Energy

The company is a mixed-ownership listed enterprise focusing on new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection. It has independent intellectual property rights for electroplated diamond wire, lithium-ion battery anode material production technology and the world’s most advanced PERC high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon battery production line. The production capacity of PERC high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon cells and lithium-ion battery anode materials ranks among the top in the country; the energy-saving and environmental protection industry has begun to take shape; multiple photovoltaic power stations have been constructed and put into operation in Henan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places.

It is worth mentioning that Yicheng New Materials was reorganized into Xinda New Materials in April 2013. The two companies are one of the products in the crystalline silicon wafer cutting blade industry (green silicon carbide, abrasives industry) ), the total share once reached more than 40%.

14. Luxin Venture Capital

In 2010, Luxin High-tech was reorganized and listed on the market. Luxin High-tech was formerly the fourth grinding wheel factory in China. Since the reorganization, a parallel business model of venture capital business and abrasives and abrasives industrial operations has been formed. The company’s abrasives business is mainly the production and sales of abrasives, abrasives, abrasive cloth and sandpaper. Its downstream customers are mainly military industry, auto parts processing, aerospace, and precision processing enterprises; the key investment areas of the venture capital business include information technology, energy conservation Environmental protection, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing and other industries.

15. Chuangyuan Technology

Suzhou Far East Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Suzhou Grinding Wheel Factory (established in 1951). It is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Chuangyuan Technology. The company mainly develops and produces ceramics, resin bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, diamond and CBN grinding tools. Tools, electroplated superhard products, diamond dressing rollers, diamond saw blades and drill bits, diamond grinding paste and various special grinding wheels such as ground glass, grinding magnetic material grinding wheels, etc., have become a set of bonded abrasives and coated abrasives. A modern abrasives and abrasives industry base, the company’s comprehensive economic index has ranked at the forefront of the national abrasives and abrasives industry for 10 consecutive years.
Three new board

15 companies (incomplete statistics)

Funike (CBN, superhard cutting tools), Benlang New Material (superhard abrasives), Wanbang Tools (diamond saw blades, drill bits), Zhili Technology (diamond products), Huifeng Xinke (diamond saw blades), Esin Diamond (diamond Saw blades, diamonds), Huifeng Diamonds (diamond powder, crushed materials), Yalong Co., Ltd. (diamond powder, crushed materials, composite sheets), Meichang New Materials, Sisha Taiyi (ceramic abrasives, superhard abrasives), Jingrui Materials (composite sheets), Wehard Tools (superhard tools), Guorui Sheng (diamond grinding and polishing products), Guanyi Co., Ltd. (ordinary abrasive grinding wheels, superhard grinding wheels), Changrun Diamond (diamond)

Introduction to world famous abrasives and abrasives listed companies

1. Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain Group was founded in France in 1665 and has five main businesses: flat glass, glass packaging, high-functional materials (reinforced glass fiber, ceramic plastics, abrasives), building materials (piping systems, thermal insulation and sound insulation materials) and building materials distribution. The group ranks first in the world in 11 businesses (including abrasives and abrasives), and its technology level and production and sales scale are world leaders in the same industry.

Saint-Gobain is a leader in the abrasives and abrasives industry. It owns three leading brands, including NORTON, WINTER, and FLEXOVIT, and is the world’s largest manufacturer of abrasives products. Since its establishment, Saint-Gobain has continued to grow through acquisitions and expansion globally. In 2019, it ranked 226th on the Fortune Global 500 and among the top 100 global industrial companies. It has been rated as one of the top 100 innovative companies in the world for 8 consecutive years. Saint-Gobain has been listed on the Paris, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam and other exchanges. The group’s business covers 68 countries around the world.


3M was founded in 1902. It initially only mined mineral sand and soon began manufacturing sandpaper. In 1914, the first exclusive product Three-M-ite™ abrasive cloth was launched, and the innovation process began; in 1921, the world’s first waterproof abrasive sandpaper Wetordry™ was born and patented by 3M, creating a new era for industrial grinding. era. Today, 3M is a world-renowned multinational enterprise with diversified products, covering many fields such as home offices, medical supplies, commercial cleaning, safety protection, and electronic communications. On July 19, 2018, the Fortune Global 500 list was released, with 3M ranked 376th. In December 2018, 3M was shortlisted for the 2018 World’s Top 500 Brands. In October 2019, Interbrand ranked 64th on the top 100 global brands list.

3M has established 9 production bases, 27 offices, 4 technology centers and 1 R&D center in China, with more than 8,200 employees. 3M abrasive products mainly include coated abrasive products, non-woven abrasive products, ultra-fine abrasive products, grinding tool products, and bonded abrasive products.

Other famous companies

Other famous abrasives companies include:

Germany: VSM, Maquan, Winter, superabrasivetools