It has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, automatic detection of water quality for injection, etc. The water quality produced by this machine is stable, high purity, and the water quality meets the requirements of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, American Pharmacopoeia, and “water for injection”. “The quality of the water produced by the machine is stable and of high purity. The machine and can produce high-purity steam for sterilization and disinfection, is the ideal equipment for water production in the hospital, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and beverage industries, and is the equipment for the pharmaceutical industry to meet cGMP standards.

At present, the state clearly stipulates that the preparation of water for injection must use multi-effect distilled water machine, but the distilled water machine in the use of different factors that affect water quality. Here is a summary of the distilled water machine in the process of making water common problems and solutions.

1, colored impurities

Injection water if mixed with broken resin will appear insoluble impurities

Solution: add a filtering device in front of the distilled water machine, and regularly clean the device to prevent broken resin from entering the distilled water machine

2, chloride ions, pH and ammonia content exceeds the standard

The front end of the electrodialysis membrane scaling or ion exchange resin aging will make it exceed the standard.

Solution: electrodialysis descaling or resin regeneration

3, the distilled water machine internal scaling

Long-term use of a multi-distillation water machine is easy to steam to the deposition of scale, so that the equipment is not clean, the evaporation area is reduced, reducing the internal heat exchange capacity, affecting the amount and quality of water, and in serious cases can cause blockage of the pipeline.

Solution: open the multi-effect distillation machine, maintain a certain steam pressure, first with hydrogen peroxide dynamic cycle processing, and then with material water treatment to output qualified injection water.

4. Other

In the actual production process, problems encountered gradually summarize the causes of the problem and the solution. Correctly carry out the operation.