Reverse osmosis units should normally be cleaned by segments, with the cleaning fluid flowing in the same direction as the operation. However, when the relativity of contaminants is relatively light, they can be divided into several segments for cleaning.

Single link cleaning is divided into the following processes:

1. mixing and cleaning fluid;

2. pumping the cleaning fluid with a high-pressure cleaning pump into the reverse osmosis system with low flow rate and low voltage, discharging the source water and avoiding dilution of the cleaning fluid;

3. Maintain the stable temperature of the reverse osmosis equipment, and use the high-pressure cleaning pump to circulate the cleaning fluid in the system.

4. high-pressure cleaning pump to carry out immersion, generally lh on, more serious environmental pollution ro reverse osmosis membrane can be 2h – 4h immersion cleaning.

5. High-pressure cleaning pump with a high flow rate to play cleaning fluid 30 a 60min, so that ro reverse osmosis membrane washed away contaminants with the high flow rate of water rushing away.

6. Use warm water to rinse the cleaning solution. In addition, the pH value should be measured when cleaning with acid, when the pH value rises above 0.5 to enhance the amount of acid. For a multi-segment system, rinse and soak together in the segment to carry out, a high flow circulation system must be carried out in sections.

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