Cosmetics import customs clearance The cosmetic import customs clearance process is relatively complex, need to do cosmetics information filing, this filing is recommended to do before shipment, saving customs clearance time and storage costs, cosmetics to also do cosmetics product information into the system. Arrangements for inspection and tax payment, customs clearance, label design audit and filing, sampling by the commodity inspection issued cosmetic inspection and quarantine (health certificate), imported cosmetics can be sold and used in the Chinese market.
Imported cosmetics agent customs declaration notes are as follows:
1, cosmetic information filing is available in advance!
2, cosmetics must be consistent with the ingredients on the outer packaging of the approval!
3, cosmetics must be labeled for the record, and the label filing number is one sex!
4, cosmetic customs declaration information does not require health certificates, plant inspection certificates, etc.!
5, cosmetic semi-finished products are not required to be approved!
6、Cosmetic products can be sold only if they have a health certificate!

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Notes for import customs clearance of cosmetics:
1、Provide the “imported cosmetics label audit certificate” (original or copy) or “label audit acceptance” and a detailed cargo list. Cosmetics from mad cow disease infected areas must provide the original quarantine certificate of the production or area approved by the Bureau.
2, import and export of cosmetics operators or agents should be reported 90 working days before the inspection to the import and export of cosmetics labeling acceptance unit (local chemical and mining division) to submit an application for labeling audit. Application for labeling audit, in addition to filling out the application form for labeling audit, should provide the necessary information and samples.
3, all materials using A4-size paper, bound in triplicate, all information must have Chinese control, all copies must be stamped with the official seal of the applicant.
4、After the application materials are qualified, the receiving department will send the relevant departments for preliminary and final examination. During the period, if the information sent, the sample does not meet the requirements, the applicant shall change the requirements until they are met.
5, the application unit to pay the required testing fees, audit fees.
6、After receiving the notice, the applicant unit to receive the label audit certificate from the receiving unit.

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Cosmetics import customs clearance should be how to do? With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the demand for makeup and beauty is expanding, and women have become the main force of the cosmetic market consumer groups. And the market demand for cosmetics is more in favor of imported products.

Cosmetics import declaration process

1、Cosmetic Food and Drug Administration filing voucher (approval) (before shipment for)
2, the consignee or consignor for the record (handled before shipment)
3、Labeling and preparation of goods.
4、Prepare documents.
5、Shipment to the port (your arrangement or our arrangement).
6、Change the bill (our company operation).
7、Customs inspection (commodity inspection department operation).
8、Customs declaration (price examination, cargo inspection) (customs department operation).
9、Tax payment.
10、Check and release by commodity inspection.
12、Issue health certificate.