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The terms of abrasives and abrasives are widely used in the industry, but they need to be truly understood in order to be better applied. The abrasives produced by the abrasives and abrasives company have a total of 20 terms for your reference.

1. Abrasives: materials that cut objects in grinding, lapping, and polishing

2. Abrasive grains: Abrasives are artificially made into specific grain sizes, and are used to manufacture granular materials for grinding, polishing, and grinding tools that remove the remainder of the material

3. Grain Size: The measure and diameter of abrasive grains

4. Micropowder: Ordinary abrasives not coarser than 240 grit, abrasive grains, or super abrasive grains finer than 36/54 μm

5. Coarse abrasive grains: the diameter of abrasive grains with a grain size of 4-220. Abrasives above No. 12 must be processed by special techniques and must be customized in advance.

6. Grain size number: according to the implementation standard, the grading mark of the abrasive grain size and diameter

7. Single crystal: Crystal atoms are arranged very regularly, with regular shape and anisotropy

8. Polycrystalline: A crystal shape consisting of many small grains with different tendencies

9. Magnetic substance: the general term for the magnetic properties of the magnetically sensitive substances in the abrasive grains resin bond diamond wheels

10. Angle of repose: The angle between the conical surface and the bottom surface of the cone formed by the abrasive grain sample falling through the funnel from a certain height on the horizontal metal plate. The angle of repose is generally calculated from the diameter and height of the cone

11. Bulk density: the mass of abrasive grains in a unit volume of air in the case of natural accumulation of abrasive grains, unit g/cm3

12. Natural abrasives: Abrasives made directly from natural ore rocks after sorting, crushing, grading or other processing

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13. Capillary phenomenon: the abrasive grains are installed in a glass test tube with a certain diameter, and the lower end is immersed in water. In a given time, the height of the water rises (mm)

14. Artificial abrasives: artificially refined or synthesized abrasives. The abrasives of Abrasives and Abrasives Industry Co., Ltd. are artificial abrasives.

15. Specific surface area: the total surface area of a unit mass of abrasive, in m2/g

16. Impact toughness: the impact resistance and crushing performance of abrasives

17. Compressive strength: the load value of a single abrasive particle when it is broken under static pressure, unit N

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18. Free abrasive grains: abrasive grains that are directly ground or polished in a free state

19. Grain size composition: a combination of grading marks made by a certain nominal particle size number and abrasive grain size

20. Mixed particle size: Abrasive particle size obtained by mixing two or more abrasive grains in a set ratio